Osseo Area Schools provides a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical coverage, dental care, life insurance, long-term disability, flexible spending, retirement/pension, and our life assistance program.

Open Enrollment gives you an opportunity to take a fresh look at the benefits available to you and the associated costs. Carefully consider which benefits are most important to you at your current stage of life. Decisions you make will affect your insurance benefits and costs for the next school year.


PEIP Health Insurance

PEIP Health Insurance applies to employees in the following employee contracts: Administrative Educational Support Professionals (AESP’s), Educational Support Professionals (ESP’s), Kidstop Instructors, Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses (RN/LPN) and Teachers.

The PEIP health insurance plan year is a calendar year starting on January 1st and going through December 31st.

PEIP insurance premiums

Summary of Benefits and Coverage effective starting 1/1/2020

PEIP Step by Step Instructions

Medicare Creditable Coverage Disclosure

Enrollment/Change Forms

PEIP Enrollment Form
PEIP Change Form

Innovo (PEIP) Plan administrator

Customer service:  952-746-3101

Innovo (PEIP) website


PreferredOne Health Insurance

PreferredOne Health Insurance information is for employees in the following groups: Confidential Support, Equity Staff, Custodian, Directors/Confidential Managers, Individual Contracts, Salaried Professionals, Hourly Technical, Licensed Coordinators, Management Personnel I-M, Principals, School Executives and School Nutrition.


Effective July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

High Plan Summary

Value Plan Summary

HSA High Deductible Plan Summary

Health Insurance Premiums for non-Peip health insurance

Benefits Enrollment Guide

Enrollment/Change Form

Health Insurance Enrollment Change Form (non-PEIP)


Pharmacy Benefits

Mail Service for ClearScript Members

Member Discount Program

Care Advantage




Our dental plan is designed to encourage you to visit the dentist and help ensure your basic dental needs are met in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Access to regular check-ups and sound preventive care are key to your long-term oral health. Furthermore, new research suggests that good oral health can positively impact the burden of illness caused by cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In addition to visiting your dentist for regular preventive care, talk to your dentist about your specific oral health needs. Your dental plan is intended only to help you pay for care. Your dentist is the one who will help you determine your actual care needs.

 Effective July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Dental Rates

Effective July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Dental Rates

Enrollment/Change Form

Dental Enrollment/Change Form


Delta Dental Plan Summary 

Delta Dental website


Life insurance and Long Term Disability

To paraphrase a television ad, “Life insurance isn’t for you. It’s for the ones you leave behind.” Life insurance is an important part of your financial security, especially if others depend on you for support. Even if you’re single, your beneficiary can use your life insurance to pay off your debts and other final expenses.

ISD 279 - Osseo Area Schools provides for you at no cost:

  • Basic Life Insurance*
  • Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)*

For employees who are eligible to purchase additional life insurance with AD&D, called "Supplemental Life" insurance, refer to the age and rate chart in the Benefits Booklet.

*Refer to your “Terms and Conditions of Employment” for the amount of Basic and AD&D Life Insurance the District provides.

Life Insurance: A policy that pays benefits to the beneficiary if the employee passed away.   

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance:  A policy that pays benefits to the beneficiary if the cause of death is due to an accident.   A portion of the policy will also be paid if the covered employee loses a bodily appendage or sight because of an accident.  


Life Insurance Enrollment/Change Form


Human Resources

Flexible Spending Plan

The Flexible Spending Plan provides you with a way to save money on your health and/or dependent care expenses. It is classified as a "Cafeteria Plan" for federal income tax purposes.

Employee groups eligible to participate are listed in the ISD 279-Osseo Area Schools Benefits Booklet. You must re-enroll prior to each plan year for the dependent care and health care reimbursement accounts. Open enrollment is around the first two weeks of May each year and the plan year is July 1st through June 30th.  You must submit receipts within 90 days of the end of the plan year for reimbursement, or your funds are forfeited.

There are 3 types of flexible spending accounts:

1) Dependent Care (Day Care)

2) Full Medical Flexible Spending

3) Limited Medical Flexible Spending (vision and dental expenses only are eligible for reimbursement)

Flexible Spending Enrollment Form

Qualifying Event Notification Form

Qualifying events for Medical FSA and Dependent Care election changes guide

CARES Act Update


Further Member Services for 2019-2020 Claims
      Further Website

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

A health savings account can be funded with your tax-exempt dollars by you, your employer, or both. Dollars from the account can help pay for eligible medical expenses not covered by an insurance plan, including the deductible, coinsurance and, in some cases, health insurance premiums.

Further Website (HSA Vendor Starting July 1, 2019)

FAQ during transition 

HSA Enrollment Form

HSA Contribution Change Form

  1. Verification Form Sample
  2. Debit Card Brochure
  3. Accessing Accounts on the go
  4. Medical Flexible Spending Account Essential Guide
  5. Dependent Care Guide
  6. Health Savings Account Guide
  7. Registering Online Guide 

Employee HSA Contributions vary by number of work days per year.  If you have questions regarding your deductions, please connect with Human Resources at 763-391-7007.

  • 178 work days:  18 pay periods
  • 186 work days: 20 pay periods
  • 191/200/212/218 work days: 21 pay periods
  • 225/260 work days: 23 pay periods


The success of any journey depends on preparation: a plan that's focused and mapped out in advance with provisions and navigational tools to keep you on pace.

If you were to retire tomorrow, what would you want to do? How and where would you like to live? How much income would you need to maintain your standard of living?

The amount of retirement income you need, of course, is a personal thing. There is no "magic" amount that is right for everyone.

We all try to plan for the future and look forward to a time when we can retire with a comfortable retirement income. You may wish to consult with a financial planner regarding your progress in meeting your retirement income goals.

Pension Plans

Teachers Retirement Association (TRA)
TRA Staff Available for New Teachers
Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)
Pension Video
Brochure: Pension basics for new teachers

Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans

Approved Vendors

403(b) MetLife
MetLife Website
MetLife Plan Booklet
MetLife Self-Directed Brokerage Account Option
Guide to a 403(b) program

MetLife 403(b) forms

MetLife Enrollment Form
Contribution Change Form
Beneficiary Change Form
MetLife Incoming Contract Exchange/Direct Rollover
In-Service Withdrawal Form
Loan Application
Hardship Withdrawal Application
Separation from Service Withdrawal Form

457 Minnesota State Deferred Compensation

MSRS Website

MNDCP Plan Booklet
Retirement Guide
Roth Contribution Information

457 forms

MNDCP Quick Enrollment Form
MNDCP Change Deferral Form
How to Change Your Contribution
Beneficiary Change Form
Incoming Rollover Form

Additional Information

403(b) & 457 Comparison Plans

Advanced Capital Group

Previous vendor list

Retiree Severance Special Pay and HRA/Post-Employment Health Care Accounts


Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program is a safe place to turn to when life’s challenges seem too difficult.

This confidential service is available at no cost to you. Get help today. The Standard’s Employee Assistance Program offers quick, confidential help whenever you need it.

Call any time, any day. Assistance is just a phone call away--at no cost to you. In addition, three sessions of face-to-face assistance are available to you and your household members. Call the Employee Assistance Program (888-293-6948) to request a referral. 

General EAP Brochure

Life Assistance Program is easy to use!

Help is as close as your phone or computer. You can call or go online 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

Call: 1-888-293-6948

Vist: www.niseap.com