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The Online Licensing System is your one-stop-shop to renew all types of existing licenses (including administrative, speech-language pathologist, deaf or hard of hearing, school social worker, school nurse, and less than five-year licenses), track the status of an application, or to view your clock hour record.

  • On the MN Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board website, go to Continuing Education Clock Hour Reporting.
  • To access your license account for the first time, you will be required to set up an account. This information will be required to access your account in the future, so please make note of it. Once you are through the security screens, you will be asked for your file folder number and the first six digits of the serial number from your most recently issued license. If you do not have this information, please contact Educator Licensing at 651.582.8691. Subsequent entries into your account will not require this information.
  • To renew a five-year teaching or related services license, a Minnesota continuing education committee must verify electronically that you have completed all renewal requirements.
  • To renew a five-year administrative license, the designated administrator in your district must verify electronically that you have completed at least 125 preapproved administrative clock hours.
  • To renew all other types of licenses, refer to the renewal conditions on your current license.
  • The checklist provided at the end of the application process and all of the materials indicated on the checklist must be mailed or delivered to the Educator Licensing office as a single packet. If there is nothing checked on the checklist, there is no need to submit any additional material to Educator Licensing.
  • All applications require processing fee(s). Payment is made using VISA or MasterCard through a secure site at US Bank. You will also be required to provide the three-digit security number which can be found on the signature strip on the back of the credit card.
  • Processing of your application will not begin until online payment has been made and confirmed as processed by US Bank and all materials indicated on your checklist have been mailed or delivered to Educator Licensing.

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