How can I volunteer?

Determine the school where you would like to volunteer; this map will help you identify a school in a convenient location. Then contact that school’s volunteer coordinator and complete the application for that school.

If I completed an application last year, do I need to complete another one?

Yes, a Volunteer Application needs to be completed every school year so we can update information and match current needs to each volunteer’s interests.

The Volunteer Application may be downloaded from the school’s website; you’ll find the list of schools and volunteer coordinators here. Return your completed application to the volunteer coordinator.

By completing the application, you are not committing to volunteering; rather, it starts a conversation with us about potential volunteer opportunities.

What are the expectations for volunteers?

Volunteers are expected to follow the school’s guidelines and rules for the safety and protection of students, staff, and volunteers. Volunteers are required to comply with state and federal laws, School Board policies and procedures, and data privacy laws.


Carrie Larson, Coordinator